Courage to Craft

by Mary Beth on February 27, 2019

By faith, Noah in reverent fear built his yacht,

Created to save from water, by water.

By faith, our fear of the Lord stirs courage to craft,

Equipped to build in the Spirit’s fire, to save from eternal fire.

“The ruah of God hovers over the face of the waters,” 1

for “the deep gave forth its voice.”

I’ll be the poet who sings your glory-and live what I sing everyday.


  1. R. Luyster, Wind and Water: Cosmogonic Symbolism in the Old Testament 1981

ESV, Hab. 3:10, Job 30:18, Psalm 61

It takes focus to walk by faith. It takes intentional space to listen well. It takes a hungry soul to consistently trust in the promises of God. It takes confidence to not be afraid. It takes time and wisdom to discern how to be effective as His disciple; His image bearer.

Yet, as Christ builds His government within us, by grace we’ll eventually move towards His purposes and pleasure. How and why is God hovering over the deep waters of our soul? A purpose to which end? Yes, God’s will is for our sanctification but His ways are beyond finding out! Let’s consider, by faith Noah built a massive ark. What about Moses and God’s counsel by the burning bush? And Sarah’s laughter? Pharaoh repeatedly hardens his heart, “Who is the Lord?” Paul’s aim to press on.

The mighty Spirit of God, our great Comforter and Counselor helps us to create, engage, evolve, and produce fruit, in its season, for His kingdom and glory.

May I not be unfaithful to my commission. Thy will but holds me to my life’s fruition. I’m thankful our Abba, Almighty is within us and goes before us.

“But when I turn and grasp the making hand, And will the making will, with confidence I ride the crest of the creation-wave, Helpless no more, no more existence’ slave; In the heart of love’s creating fire I stand, And, love-possessed in heart and soul and sense, Take up the making share the making Master gave.”

-George MacDonald

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