His Hand Prescribes

by Mary Beth on June 8, 2021

“Nay, all by Thee is ordered, chosen, planned;
Each drop that fills my daily cup Thy Hand Prescribes,
for ills none else can understand:
All, all is known to Thee.”

 We often struggle to understand and receive all

from the hand of God.

God has revealed within His Creation and within His powerful Word,

to understand and to know Him-

that He is abundantly generous

and wise with His goodness,

rhythm and order in all things.

 His sovereignty and divine attributes

of goodness, immutability, eternity,

and holiness speak into our ordinary lives day by day.

For underneath are the everlasting arms of God;

His abundant steadfast love greets us each day.

Yet, many in our decadent society demand foolish entitlements to live in their preferred individualistic, grade school mentality, of branding and renaming anything or everything that threatens their idolatry or false freedoms of sexual lifestyles, identity, or feelings.

Thomas Schreiner writes,

“Human beings must recognize that they are not

masters of the universe.

They cannot supplement what God has done or reverse

what he has ordained.

They are to acknowledge his greatness and fear him.

Human beings do not manage their lives; life manages them.  

Vanity and futility and absurdity characterize human life.

Life is unpredictable and unfair.

The famous poem on time, in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8,

emphasizes that human beings must respond to life as it occurs.”


An earlier blog post,

reflects on this very point.

There’s a time for every season.

As Scripture encourages us to walk in the fear of the LORD,

let us remember God our Creator,

and to enjoy life to the glory of God.

Find joy in God’s daily gifts,
receiving from his hand the
new mercies He graciously gives us
each resurrected day.


“Qohelet argues that God keeps us ignorant about the future

in order to convince us that we cannot manipulate God in that way.

That is the essence of what it means to ‘fear’ God:

to recognize that God’s favor cannot be controlled

by anything we humans do.”

Is this not grace, to stand in His great hand?

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