Refreshing Drink

by Mary Beth on April 23, 2012


Often I’m worn and weary,

Feeling alone or discouraged, even a bit teary.

Our kindred-spirited friendship and love

opens a refuge like hand and glove.

As a refreshing drink of water,

A trustworthy humility, I attribute to her.

Such tenderness, a delicate art

Reminds me, Lord, of your ways and heart.

To come as I am, be it tears or joy;

Distance, allergies and need of miso.

Our ordinary steps of faith and trust in the fear God;

Thirsty souls, cry mercy for energy to wait in afflictions and flaws.

A timely word or wise reprimand,

Far better than gold, are you girlfriend.

A truthful reply is an embrace, perhaps a treasure,

Shows a rare valor, for our Savior.

Good times together in the city, quaint cafes and ice tea,

To laugh, chat and just be carefree.

At the botanical gardens or wherever!

Trips whenever, however…we prefer-

Precious years at 40, 50, gaining 60!

Each tear or laughter, a chick flick a must-

Our peony gardens, yoga or bikes wanderlust!

Nothing, in all of life compares,

To a friend that loves His Word, counsel and prayer.

A God chosen friend that shines like Him,

Forgiving, faithful and persevering-a synonym.

And as we know each other well,

Each year, grows more precious to tell.

In need of feminine time, ladies first!

We are family, devoted sisters.

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