People and Process

by Mary Beth on September 7, 2016

While engaged in major transitional months,

we continue to learn a healthy balance through all the changes,

of honoring people and honoring the process.

It reminds me of how our Ethiopian sisters daily balance their needs-

between people and process.

Early morning walks into town for clean water, fresh food,

all the while enjoying community along the way.

This is their daily process,

a challenge of discipline and rhythm of life.

Within both people and the process.

We chose not to focus on the one at the cost of the other,

but to honor each side equally.

Well, best as we could given the challenging circumstances.  This required of us to be purposeful to plan, engage, and communicate within the moving, whirlwind of change.  Although it was desired early on to be mindful and intentional with our family, friends, and biblical community, it was evident to us the process quickly evolved into a series of complex decisions and demands.

After settling into our Texas home for 12 years, moving from the south to the north presents a serious need to simplify, especially within years of family growing pains- junior and senior high, sports, college years, etc.  Little did we know how demanding the word “simplify” is to execute.  In all the prep to sell a home: painting, repairs, garage sales, good will, and realtors, it’s a complex process.

Travel. Planning. Projects. Lists. Midnight hours. Packing boxes.

It’s messy no doubt, and in hindsight wisdom speaks.

Yet, the timing for transition was clear to us.

The Lord was generous through our families and trusted friends,

who graciously offered their support, affirmation, and kind encouragement.

Another beautiful memory and treasure as we look back upon this time.

Although we were purposeful with our schedules, and heart communication in every gospel good-bye, we felt challenged by the limit not only on our time, but the desired space needed to express how we cherished our ordinary lives with them in Christ.

Thankfully, their friendship and love will always be with us.

We’re also thankful for the grand and apparent affirmations we’ve received from the Lord’s providential and merciful hand. Peace. Everyday mercies and grace. Love. Healing in steps forward and in pauses. Provisions. Protection. Patience. Solitude. Joy. Perseverance. Waiting. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness.

Truly, the Lord hems me in, behind and before,

and lays His hand upon me.

Psalm 139

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