Determined & Decided

by Mary Beth on October 8, 2017

“Of all the things to do with His sovereignty,

He has determined and decided to love you.”

~Professor Elliot Greene.


We’re accepted in the beloved,

what a great thought, a beautiful

reality of mind and soul to dwell!

~Ephesians 1:6

How I pray and plead to God,

in His gracious gift of family

extended to all nations and peoples;

African Gamo believers,

will know the reality of

God’s deep and everlasting love

in their heart, mind and soul.


By God’s grace, steadfast in prayer:

“Above all else, Lord, save their souls.

Draw them near You, keep them close.

Be the shield against their foes.

Make them Yours not mine.

Give them peace in Christ alone.

In their sorrow be their song.

No other joy would last as long.

Father, calm their fear.

Guide their feet, Lord, light their path.

May their eyes on you be cast.

Give their hands a kingdom task.

A purpose for their years.”

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